Crown Electrical Solutions try to answer the question of support, what do you do if something goes wrong. We integrate these solutions into your own system giving you the backup and peace of mind to not worry if something isn’t working.
Pakedge is a dependable and high-performance solution.  Pakedge Connect+ is an innovative next-generation network platform comprised of wired and wireless networking products that are integrated with advanced software and connected to the cloud.  Connect+ incorporates proprietary artificial intelligence-based algorithms to detect, diagnose, self-repair and resolve network problems.  
Pakedge virtualisation technologies enable network devices, whether within a single network or across multiple networks, to be uniquely grouped and managed in new ways.  Pakedge advanced software, such as Pakedge Zones, creates new networking capabilities for prioritizing network use for audio, video, communication, security, bulk-data and management applications.  The cloud-based management technology, BakPak, enables remote management and maintenance. 
The Pakedge platform-architecture approach enables scalable and tightly defined integration with third-party devices from many manufacturers, similar to how Control4’s architecture enables third-party products to integrate with its platform.

Real networking for your home.

Simply put the advantages for your home can be in these categories.
• Purpose built, and bespoke install for your unique needs
• High performance
• Scalable so you can add to this system when you need to.
• Intelligent monitoring of your system is built in
Ultimately a Smart Home is only as smart as the network. Every smart device in your Connected Home is designed to communicate across and the network of smart devices, but accessible through one single interface removing the need for multiple apps, and in some cases multiple devices managing different elements of your home.

Wireless Networking and more...

How's that wi-fi signal holding up now? Not too good, right? The Audio Store has a solution. Our line of Pakedge products provide a powerful backbone to A/V networks, enabling users to expand their network far beyond the capabilities of consumer-grade devices. 

We can install a Wireless Access Point (WAP) in your home or a connected infrastructure – with as many ports as you can dream up. Either way, the above scenario will play out with speedy, safe, and uninterrupted results. Watch a 2-hour movie in 2 hours, not 2 hours and 10 minutes.

pakedge WXIntegrated Wireless

WX 3x3:3 AC Gigabit Wireless Access Point

Pakedge’s flagship WX series of gigabit wireless access points takes wireless networking to the next level. Designed around high performance, simplicity and architectural aesthetics, the WX line of WAPs incorporate a series of functional features designed specifically for high-end residential or commercial projects.

Visit the Pakedge website for a complete write-up and spec breakdown.


pakedge RK1Router/Gateway Appliance

RK-1 5 Port High Speed Router with Pakedge Zones™

The K6 is the backbone of a seamless A/V network, thanks to its BakPak cloud management system. Dealers can monitor and change the network status of their clients, as well as receive alerts of by email, SMS, or push notifications from anywhere.

Visit the Pakedge website for a complete write-up and spec breakdowns.


w7 02Infrastructure/Switches

S24P Managed Gigabit Switch with 24 PoE Ports

In addition to the features listed in the S24P8 pictured above, the S24P offers PoE-compatibility on all 24 ports. 4 SFP ports offer compatibility with fiber-optic network cables. The S24Pis also CASC-certified and can be controlled from remote and touch panels.

Visit the Pakedge website for a complete write-up and spec breakdown.